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Search Committees

Since the UC has made contracts with the federal government, the University must commit itself to a proactive effort to ensure equal opportunity in all of its employment practices. This commitment includes applying good-faith efforts to achieve prompt and full utilization of women and minorities, who historically have experienced discrimination in the work arena, in all segments of its workforce where deficiencies exist.

The University is also required to comply with the following governing policies: 

Role at the Search Plan Stage

Drafting a Position Announcement

A carefully drafted advertisement is critical for a broad and inclusive search and must meet compliance standards for Federal, State, and UC San Diego specific requirements. These comprehensive outlines will help each department be thorough in their search while meeting these standards.

Planning Search Efforts

The committee should be mindful of any identified areas of underutilization of women and specific ethnic groups in the workforce.  Maximize the opportunity for these groups to apply through broad advertising and outreach. This also includes protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Utilize the Best Practice Recruitment Strategies to define the plan for outreach and advertising. OARS has compiled additional resources here

Discussing the Selection Criteria and Process, and Applicant Evaluation

The Divisional Faculty Equity Advisor (FEA) should meet with the search committee to discuss:

  • the outreach plan
  • the selection criteria 
    • Prioritized list of application criteria for selection
    • Often determined by department needs
  • the selection process
    • Procedural
    • Screening process, interview procedures, role of the search committee, etc.

The FEA, Department Chair, and the Search Committee may  utilize this guide throughout the recruitment process. 


Role at the Shortlist Report Stage

In order to compose a compliant Shortlist Report the Search Committee, Search Chair, and FEAs should:

  • Reconcile the Availability Data with Applicant Pool Data
  • Strategically implement additional outreach (if demographic benchmark not met)
    • If the department implemented numerous outreach efforts and the applicant pool demographics still do not meet that of the availability data, the shortlist report may still be approved
  • Disposition candidates with non-comparative statements
  • Evaluate Contributions to Diversity statements

Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of UC San Diego that its employees shall not engage in any activities that place them in a conflict of interest between their official duties and any other interest or obligation.

Conflict of interest may arise when a search committee member has a current or previous personal or working relationship with a candidate; is related to the candidate, or uses information not directly related to work experience to affect their decision making.

Evaluation criteria and the review process

In formally reviewing application materials and selecting a candidate, only consider the knowledge, skills, and qualifications of an applicant as they relate to the job. 

Be aware of hidden biases and how they might impact the selection of candidates.

The department may not invite candidates to campus for interviews until the dean has approved the report. To see how shortlists reports are created and used view the SSO Protected Video

Role at the Search Report Stage

Interview Candidates During Campus Visit

The California Fair Employment Practices Act provides that no pre-employment inquiries or specifications, direct or indirect, may be made concerning a job applicant's race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, medical condition, or physical handicap. The Act further prohibits any non–job-related inquiry, either verbal or through use of an application form, which may directly or indirectly affect the employment opportunities of those protected by the Act. The Act does not otherwise limit the rights of employers to seek full information about the prospective employees or to establish the job performance qualifications they consider essential. Whatever qualifications or standards are set, however, must be applied equally to all persons.

Questions asked in an interview may be vulnerable to misinterpretation and/or knowing violation of laws. The Pre- Employment Inquiry Guidelines Table may help to formulate acceptable, appropriate interview questions. In all situations, whether or not covered by the examples shown here, pre-employment inquiries must be job-related.

Selection Process Prepared Within the Search Report

If any part of the previously determined Selection Process was not adhered to, the changes must be noted with additional text at the bottom of Selection Plan field in the Recruit system. 

Search Report Prepared, Submitted, and Approved

The Search Report is prepared by dept. staff; approved by Chair and Dean via Recruit. The report includes the following components:

  • Information about the proposed candidate(s)
  • Actual search and recruitment efforts
  • Applicant disposition reasons

Additional Guide to Effective Recruiting

Partner/Spouse Situations

Departments are encouraged to contact the UCSD Partner Opportunities Program Office when a proposed candidate is in need of dual career resources.

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