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APM 710 Exceptions, UC San Diego Procedures and Guidelines

 On September 10, 2020, UCOP announced two interim exceptions for the APM-710 leave policy to provide additional relief to academic appointees with childrearing responsibilities during the Fall of 2020. These exceptions allow for unrepresented faculty who are not HSCP participants and unrepresented academic appointees covered by APM-710 to request to use their accrued sick leave for time off because their children are not able to physically attend their school or place of care due to COVID-19 precautions or to use a designated increment of paid medical leave forfeiture in exchange for the receipt of one (1) course relief or its equivalent for child care related reasons. Represented appointees as designated below were also allowed to request to use accrued sick leave because their children are not able to physically attend their school or place of care due to COVID-19 precautions.

Upon request for clarifications on local campus implementation, and after consultation with the Office of General Counsel, on  September 29, 2020, Provost Brown clarified that, for each campus, the Chancellor can administer these policy exceptions by putting in place an approval process for the specified uses of sick leave and paid medical leave. EVC Simmons and Sr. AVC Continetti sent out local implementation information on October 9, 2020. The application process and criteria for requesting either of these exceptions are designated on the page below.  

Conditions and Requirements

  • Requests for APM 710 exceptions must be negotiated on an individual basis between faculty, department chairs, and, in some cases, the dean.
  • A balance must be struck between assisting faculty and enabling the academic and research mission of the University.
  • Faculty whose Fall 2020 courses are approved for course relief are expected to help transition courses already in session and may be required to continue teaching until a suitable replacement can be enacted. Leave forfeiture is not pro-rated.
  • If a department is unable to replace an instructor and cannot cancel a course, the department should attempt to accommodate the request with as much flexibility as possible. Chairs may contact APS for discussion of alternative modifications.   
  • Faculty who are approved to use paid medical leave for course reduction will not be eligible, in the same ten-year period, to request additional paid medical leave to replace leave forfeited by approved agreements.
  • No exception requested may extend beyond December 31, 2020.


Unrepresented faculty who are not participants in the UCSD Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) and unrepresented academic appointees covered under APM-710 are eligible to request use of these exceptions. For a list of eligible titles, see APM-710-14.  These temporary exceptions to APM 710-20 and APM 710-11 do not extend to faculty covered by the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP), as APM 710-20 and APM 710-11 specifically exclude HSCP faculty.  At this time, no exception has been made to APM-670 (HSCP), which describes the paid medical leave available to HSCP faculty.

In addition, represented academic appointees covered by the Librarian (LX)Postdoctoral Scholar (PX), and Academic Researcher (AR) labor contracts may request to use accrued sick leave for childcare reasons due to the COVID-19 precautions.

Subject to collective bargaining, the use of sick leave or paid medical leave for childcare is currently not available to those appointed in the Lecturer titles (Unit 18).

Forms and Documentation

Request for sick leave use will require the APM 710 Exception Request Form.

Requests for course relief will require an ALAS form in addition to an APM 710 Exception Request Form.

Guidelines for Requests

Under these interim exceptions:

  • Eligible academic appointee primary caregivers may request to use accrued sick leave (APM 710-20) if they are unable to work or steelwork because their children are unable to physically attend their school or place of care due to COVID-19 precautions during the Fall 2020 quarter via the use of the APM 710 Exception Request Form. Per the PPM 230-10, for full-time appointees, sick leave use is recorded in one-day increments. For those with less than full-time appointments, sick leave used should be recorded in full-day increments corresponding to the portion of a day during which the appointee normally works.
  • Eligible faculty primary caregivers who do not accrue sick leave are permitted to request one (1) course reduction in Fall 2020 or an equivalent workload reduction for child care related reasons in exchange for four (4) weeks forfeiture from their paid medical leave benefit (APM-710). Please be apprised: the exchange of paid medical leave for course relief or other duties modifications does not constitute a true leave. In addition, no medical documentation is needed for exceptions related to child or dependent care due to school or daycare closures are not related to the appointee’s own health needs.
    • Faculty with 10 years or less of UC service may have a balance of up to 2 quarters (24 weeks) of paid medical leave.  Previous medical leaves within the 10-year period will affect how much leave remains available.
    • Faculty with more than 10 years of service may have a balance of up to 3 quarters (36 weeks), within each subsequent ten (10) year period, of paid medical leave. Previous medical leaves within the 10-year period will affect how much leave remains available.

All other provisions of APM 710, including eligibility criteria, remain in effect. Use of APM 710 accrued sick leave under the above exceptions does not affect eligibility for the other leaves available for COVID-19-related reasons, including Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) or Emergency Family and Medical Leave (EFML) granted under the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA), or Expanded Paid Administrative Leave (EPAL) provided by University policy. These leaves may be taken before or after any accrued sick leave use or paid medical leave use for illness. Information about these leaves is available on the Academic Personnel COVID-19 resource page here.


Request Procedure

  1. A faculty member should initiate a conversation with the department chair, complete the APM 710 Exception request form, and submit it to the department chair for their review/recommendation.
  2. After the chair’s recommendation is complete, the request should be sent to the divisional dean who will also indicate a recommendation for the exception request.
  3. The divisional dean will forward the completed form to; this request will be routed to Sr. AVC Continetti for final consideration.