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Faculty Resources

As UC San Diego is renowned for its stellar research and teaching faculty, providing those faculty with opportunities for career growth is a high priority for our campus. Identifying and training the next generation of faculty leaders is increasingly important in this quickly-changing and ever-diverse global environment.  Working with experts in the field, both within and outside of the University of California, our faculty are quickly gaining skills to ensure those tapped for future administrative roles will have the tools to lead us to an even stronger tomorrow.  See below for some of this campus's faculty development programs and other resources.

Associate Professor Leadership Development

For newly tenured ladder-rank faculty, or faculty who have recently achieved security of employment on the general campus/SIO, this program consists of one full-day, interactive seminar, led by Executive Education instructors at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management. Learn more about the program.

COVID-19 Academic Affairs FAQs and Resources

Visit the UC San Diego hub page for COVID-19 Academic Affairs FAQs and Resources, with links to important updates, FAQs, and other resources for UC San Diego Faculty and Academic Appointees. 

Department Chair Workshops

Offered quarterly during the academic year, the general campus and SIO department chair workshops provide faculty with current information on high priority topics for the University including strategic planning, budget strategies, fundraising, faculty recruitment and diversity, and more. Get more information.

Faculty Career Development Program

The Faculty Career Development Program (FCDP) provides support to current UC San Diego junior faculty to enhance their chances for advancement to the level of Associate Professor. The FCDP recognizes and rewards individuals who have promoted diversity and equal opportunity along with their academic ventures.

The call for proposals is distributed annually. Awards are announced in the spring and implemented in the following academic year. Reports on how award funds were used are required from each awardee at the end of the academic year.

Faculty Development Portal

Visit the Faculty Development Portal for academic career development opportunities. We continue to add new content, so drop in frequently.

Faculty Leadership Academy

Launched in winter quarter 2018, the Faculty Leadership Academy is designed to provide the opportunity for a select group of talented and diverse faculty to further develop their ability to be effective academic leaders at all levels of UC San Diego.

Unit 18 Professional Development

In accordance with the last UC-AFT/UC Memorandum of Understanding, a Professional Development Fund provides Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) with financial support for professional development activities. Apply for development funds.