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APOL Recruit System Training

The OARS team has produced training modules for UC San Diego staff who utilize the APOL-Recruit system. Here you will find comprehensive training materials for the APOL-Recruit system; a UC San Diego Single Sign-on will be necessary for some of our training pieces.  In person and online training is available through UC Learning Center.  The current list of classes include:

Classroom and On-line Training

OARS Recruit System eCourse

  • eCourse, 1 Hour, Code 06SEDOARSRECRUIT
  • Can be taken any time on UC Learning

As part of our commitment to bringing effective resources to our colleagues, the Office of Academic Recruitment has produced this e-learning course to provide foundational instruction on academic recruitment and introductory/intermediate skills utilizing the APOL-Recruit System. The intended audience for this class are those who are at the Beginner/Intermediate skill level with any of the covered topics. Attendees can take this as often as they would like for refresher purposes if needed. This e-course was produced in collaboration with UC Irvine and includes examples from within the UC Irvine Recruit System. Nonetheless, the system will behave very similarly to UC San Diego Recruit.

Academic Recruitment 101

  • ILT Course, 2 Hours
  • Code 06SED-AP-2036-20210527
  • Next Session: 5/27/21, 10:00 AM -12:00 AM
  • Location: Zoom, Virtual Classroom
  • Prerequisites:  Requires completion of OARS Recruit System eCourse

Target Audience: New Academic Personnel Analysts or anyone interested in the Academic Recruitment process for all academic titles including senate and non-senate positions such as post docs, research scientists, project scientists, and lecturers.  Recruitment 101 provides foundational instruction on academic recruitment, recruitment advertising, the UC San Diego Academic Recruitment Process, and introductory/intermediate skills utilizing the APOL-Recruit System. The intended audience for this class are those who are at the Beginner/Intermediate skill level and those who have not attended required training within the past 3 years. Topics covered include:

  • Intro to Government Compliance Standards and Guidelines
  • The function of OARS in the recruitment process
  • Introduction to Search Plans
  • Shortlist Reports
  • Search Reports
  • Concluding Recruitments


Academic Personnel: Academic Recruitments - Advanced

  • ILT Course, 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Code 06SED-0489-AP-20190425
  • Next Session: To be announced
This class will provide advanced-level recruitment training for seasoned AP On-line Recruit users. In order to attend this level of training you must have completed Academic Personnel: Academic Recruitment Part 1 and Part 2, or the System e-Course. The intended audience are those individuals who have intermediate or advanced skill in academic recruitment processes and navigating AP On-line Recruit. The class covers a range of topics for advanced analysts and Recruit super-users.

APOL Recruit Training Videos

The following training videos provide system information for the AP Online Recruit tool.  These videos are produced by the UCI Recruit Team.  Some of the system features may not apply to UCSD.  Refer to OARS for UCSD's Academic Recruitment Process information.

Attention Windows Users: Some videos don’t display in Windows Firefox or IE. If you’re having trouble, please use Chrome. 

Introductory Videos

Getting Started - A new recruitment

Tools to Manage Applicants

Reports and Approvals

APOL Recruit Manual

APOL-Recruit user manual is a comprehensive guide to the functions of the APOL-Recruit system. The manual will be updated periodically.

All user guides and videos for UC San Diego specific processes were created by OARS team. Should you need further clarification on any of the processes please email with "Recruit System Training" in the subject line.