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Welcome to the Academic Recruitment Process!

The Office of Recruitment Services website has been designed to provide a comprehensive guide to academic recruitment for UCSD. This guide will help departments to:

  • Understand of the legalities and UC policies surrounding recruitments
  • Have a clear division of roles and responsibilities during the course of the recruitment process
  • Manage quick hires of non-senate academic staff
  • Conduct and evaluate the effectiveness of outreach activities
  • Follow step-by-step directions for each report in the recruitment process
  • Provide equal employment opportunity to each qualified applicant
  • Understand and use the applicant tracking system, Recruit

No matter what role you may have in the recruitment process, you will be required to:

  • Read through the laws and regulations regarding recruitments
  • Read through the roles and responsibilities page and follow up any additional required training for the role designated
  • Read through the recruitment process from start to finish
  • Contact OARS for questions only after reading through the recruitment process

Department Analysts looking to access Recruit need to follow the required training steps listed:

If you are having issues with the e-course, please set up a ticket to UC Learning Support.