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CLICK TO VIEW: COVID-19 Modifications to the Recruitment Process

Academic Recruitment Process

OARS is dedicated to guiding departments through the academic recruitment process for all academic titles.  Open searches are conducted for new appointments, which are defined as the employment of an individual whose immediately prior status was not in the employ of the University of California, San Diego, regardless of percentage of appointment or duration of appointment. 

Most recruitments will follow the steps below, in the event that an abbreviated process is being followed for a lecturer, researcher, or PostDoc position,  please see the reference sheet.

Develop Recruitment Plan and Outreach Efforts

Identify Outreach Efforts

Appoint a Search Committee

Recruiting International Candidates

Develop Ad Text

Submit Recruitment Search Plan

Carry out Recruitment Plan and Outreach Efforts

Conduct Outreach

Accept applications in APOL RECRUIT NEW! COVID-19 Related Updates

Review Applicant Pool

Evaluate Applications, Interview and Select Candidates

Evaluate applications

Submit Recruitment Shortlist Report

Interview Candidates NEW! COVID-19 Related Updates

Submit Recruitment Search Report

Conclude Search

Concluding a Search in APOL RECRUIT

Additional Resources regarding Academic Recruitment

Accessing Recruit

To process Recruitments on Recruit, department analysts must first request access to the system and complete the system training on the UC Learning Center. All links below are SSO Protected.


Waiver of Open Search for Academic Recruitment should only be used in cases of Partner/Spousal hires, Targets of Excellence/Opportunity Hires, or PPFP/CPFP hires. Non-senate uses include, Emergency Hires for a PI/Co-PI/Leadership hire, or when the hire is linked to a Research Team. 

Utilize our APOL-Recruit Training Page. For further help please email with "Recruitment Help" in the subject line.