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AP Data Management System 

AP Data is Academic Personnel's new data management tool.  The system is currently undergoing development.

The AA&T team is diligently working to produce training modules for UC San Diego staff who utilize the AP Data Management System. These training materials and video library will  be updated as new functionality is introduced. 

You may access the AP Data application by clicking the AP Data tab in APOL Review or click here to access the system directly.

The Academic Personnel Queries accessed through EmpolyeeLink and QueryLink have been retired and are no longer accessible.  AP Data can be used to replicate the old queries.  

Instructions for how to extract the data previously pulled from the Academic Personnel Queries is provided below.

AP Data News and Updates

6/20/17: Separation data has been added to the system.

4/17/17: Leave and service modification history and sabbatical credit balances are now available.

3/13/17: AP Data now includes probationary period data and increased reporting speed.

11/3/16: AP Data has been upgraded to include Review History and AP Status screens. Be sure to review the updated user manual!

6/7/16: AP Data is live! Limited reporting, employee screens, and Unit 18 appointment screens are now accessible. 

AP DATA System User Manual

 The AP Data System user manual will be updated frequently as new functionality is released.

AP Query Replacement Report Instructions

Academic Appointee History Report (replaces the Academic Personnel History query)

File Routing Status (replaces the Academic Personnel File Tracking query)

Next Review Due Report (replaces the Academic Personnel Next Review Due query)

Leave & Service Modification Report (replaces the Academic Personnel Leave & Duty Modification query)

Tech Support

Technical issues or error messages in AP Data: Contact Academic Technology Services (ATS),

General questions, feedback, suggestions for improvements or future enhancements: Contact Academic Personnel at