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Academic Policy and Procedures

Academic Personnel Services manages the development, revision, analysis, and implementation of UC San Diego's academic personnel policies and procedures to carry out the vision of the University's academic leadership, to increase efficiency and compliance, and to limit institutional liability.  Kelly Lindlar, Director of Academic Employee & Labor Relations, may be contacted regarding any of the below at (858) 822-4564 or

Academic Personnel Policies, Links by Topic

Academic Personnel Policies

(listed by topic)

Policies governing academic personnel are provided in two separate manuals: the University of California Academic Personnel Manual (APM), which contains general, system wide policies, and the UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM), which contains information on implementing specific academic personnel policies at UCSD.

The listing below provides links to policies arranged by topic. Links to APM sections are provided if the PPM does not address a particular topic, or if a PPM section is under revision. Otherwise, a link to the appropriate PPM section is provided.

Topic Description Policy
Academic freedom Statement regarding UC’s commitment to freedom of inquiry and research, freedom of teaching, and freedom of expression and publication APM 010
Academic titles Explanation of academic titles utilized at UC APM 112
Academic title codes Links to lists arranged by title code name and number APM 113
Access to academic personnel records Types of information maintained and procedures for requesting access to or amendment of academic personnel records PPM 230-11
Affirmative action  University policy regarding affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and sexual harassment in employment APM 035
Appointment of non-Senate academics (term appointment) Policy for appointments with specified ending dates APM 137
Compensation of academic-year appointees Determination of salary payments to academic-year (nine-month) appointees who hold joint appointments for teaching and research PPM 230-42
Conflict of commitment and outside activities of faculty members Policy on managing potential conflict of commitment for faculty undertaking compensated and uncompensated outside activities (professional and non-professional) APM 025
Definitions of academic personnel terms Glossary of terms used in academic personnel procedures APM 110
Department chairs – appointment and review   Policy and procedures for appointment and review of department chairs PPM 230-2
Discipline/Corrective Action
Standards and procedures for instituting corrective action for or dismissal of non-Senate academic appointees APM 150
Standards for faculty conduct and types of unacceptable faculty conduct subject to University discipline APM 016
Disclosure of financial interest in private sponsors of research Requirements for principal investigators to disclose direct or indirect financial interests in private sponsors of research APM 028
Emeritus titles Circumstances and criteria for conferring emeritus status APM 120
Endowed chairs and professorships Guidelines for establishment and administration of all endowed chairs and professorships PPM 230-8
Faculty code of conduct Code of professional rights, responsibilities, and conduct for university faculty, and university disciplinary procedures APM 015
Faculty privileges and duties Academic freedom in relation to educational planning APM 005
Family accommodations Policies intended to assist academic appointees in balancing the needs of work and family PPM 230-15
Grievance procedures for non-Senate appointees Eligibility criteria and procedures for non-Senate academic appointees to present grievances PPM 230-5
Grievance procedures for Senate appointees Procedures for Senate appointees to present grievances to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure Acad. Senate Bylaw 230
Integrity in research Reaffirmation of University’s standards for intellectual honesty and integrity in research APM 190, Appendix B
Intercampus transfers – salary administration Salary procedures for one-time payments, temporary transfers, and permanent transfers PPM 230-44
Limitation on total period of service in certain academic titles Procedures for determining the number of years toward the eight-year limitation on service in certain titles APM 133
Layoffs and involuntary reductions in time for non-Senate academic appointees Procedures for equitable treatment of appointees in the event of termination or involuntary reduction in time due to lack of work, lack of funds, or discontinuance of a program PPM 230-7
Leaves of absence Policies, procedures, and approval authority charts for leaves for academic appointees at UCSD PPM 230-10
Medical leave Policy on medical leave for academic appointees APM 710
Medical separation Basis and procedures for separation of an academic appointee due to medical reasons APM 080
Near-relative appointments Definition of "near relative" and considerations during recruitment process APM 520
Off-Scale Salaries for Appointments and Advancements Eligibility for and justification, limitation, and adjustment of off-scale salaries APM 620
Recruitment of academic personnel APM 500
Special services to individuals and organizations Policy related to special services by the University or members of its faculty to individuals or organizations (business, industrial, governmental, educational, etc.) APM 020
Termination of appointment for the Professor In Residence series PPM 230-9.1
Termination for Incompetent Performance Standards and procedures by which faculty with tenure or with Security of Employment (SOE) may be terminated for incompetent performance APM 075
Unit 18 Lecturers contract Memorandum of Understanding between the University of California and the University Council AFT
Voting Policy governing faculty voting on academic appointment and review cases (see also Academic Senate Bylaw 55) PPM 230-28, Section VIII
"Whistleblower" policy Reporting and investigating allegations of suspected improper governmental activities APM 190, Appendix A-1
"Whistleblower protection" policy Protection from retaliation for reporting suspected improper governmental activities APM 190, Appendix A-2

New and Recently Revised Policies

Systemwide LSOE (Teaching Professor) Policies Updated:

The University has issued revisions to the following sections of the system-wide Academic Personnel Manual (APM), as they pertain to appointees in the Lecturer with Security of Employment (Teaching Professor) series:

  • APM Section 285, Lecturer with Security of Employment Series
  • APM Section 210-3, Instructions to Review Committees That Advise on Actions Concerning the Lecturer with Security of Employment Series
  • APM Section 133, Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles
  • APM Section 740, Leaves of Absence/Sabbatical Leaves
  • APM Section 135, Security of Employment
  • APM Section 235, Acting Appointments

The revised policies are effective October 1, 2018; full implementation of the revisions by the campus will be completed by 7/1/2019, in accordance with the guidelines established by the UC Office of the President.

The revised policies and a summary of the key revisions are available at the following website:


Systemwide Policies Updated with Technical Changes:

The University has issued technical revisions to the following sections of the system-wide Academic Personnel Manual (APM):

  • APM Section 230, Visiting Appointments
  • APM Section 650, Technical Assistance Projects
  • APM Section 760, Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing

 The revised policies are effective 8/7/18.

 The revisions to APM 230 and APM 650 represent technical changes to comply with the new legal requirements of California Assembly Bill 168, effective January 1, 2018, prohibiting an employer from seeking salary history information about an applicant for employment.

The revisions to APM 760 are technical changes to equalize the active service-modified duties (ASMD) periods between semester and quarter campuses, and result in a new maximum ASMD benefit of three quarters for childbearing academic appointees.

The revised policies are available at the following website:


Revisions to UC San Diego 230 PPM Policies (Appointment and Review)

New PPM sections affecting the appointment and advancement of academic appointees were published effective July 1, 2017.

The content of PPM Sections 230-20 - Academic Appointments, PPM 230-28 - Academic Advancements and Reappointments, and PPM 230-29 - Policies and Procedures to Ensure Fairness in the Academic Personnel Review has been moved to the newly created polices; PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28, and PPM 230-29 have been rescinded, effective retroactive to July 1, 2017.

The new policies are available here: Introduction to PPM 230 - Academic Personnel

Updates have been made to make the PPM more straightforward, to provide local academic appointment and advancement policies consistent with the system-wide Academic Personnel Manual (APM), and to reorganize the content of former PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28 and PPM 230-29 to adopt the structure of the APM. New PPM policies and procedures are numbered to correspond to the associated APM section. (For example, PPM 230-220, Professor Series, relates to matters subject to APM 220, Professor Series.) In addition, duplicative language (policy language which previously appeared in both the PPM the APM) has been removed from the new PPM Sections.

A detailed summary of the revisions, including a complete listing of the new PPM sections is available here:

Summary of Revisions

For reference, below are links to supporting documentation that provides a clear, comprehensive visual representation of the disposition of PPM 230-20, PPM 230-28, and PPM 230-29:/p>

Disposition of PPM 230-20
Disposition of PPM 230-28
Disposition of PPM 230-29

Recent Delegations of Authority

Delegation of Authority for Appointments at the Assistant Step III Level

Following consultation with the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel, effective October 1,2016, IEVC Cowhey delegated to Divisional Deans the authority to approve all appointments at the Assistant Step III level in the following series:

Professor (Ladder-Rank)
Professor in Residence
Professor of Clinical X
Adjunct Professor
Research Scientist

System-wide Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

System-wide Policies Under Review (APM)

UC San Diego Policies Under Review (PPM)