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Guidelines for Processing Specific Compensation Actions

See below for information related to processing actions listed below.

COVID-19 Faculty Stipends for Faculty Providing Remote Teaching Guidance

Please see the campus guidelines for how to process a stipend for designated faculty members assigned to assist other faculty with Spring 2020 remote teaching.


An honorarium is a payment made to an individual for participation in a University sponsored lecture, seminar, concert or other creative work.

Amount Limits

Honoraria for non-UC employees being charged to state funds are limited to $250.00 per event per day.

Honoraria being charged to non-state funds have no firm limit, but amounts should be reasonable.

Note: Honoraria for UC faculty may not be charged to state funds, per APM 666-22.

Payment to Employees

Employees of the University, if eligible, should not be paid honoraria via Disbursements but rather via the Payroll process.

Academic employees are not generally eligible for honoraria payments on their home campus.

Employees of other UC campuses are eligible, but should be paid via the intercampus payment process in the drawer below. Payments for periods of greater than two weeks should be reviewed carefully. Generally periods of greater than two weeks should be handled via the payroll process.

Review of Payments

Review of standard non-UC employees' honoraria payments is the responsibility of the Disbursements Division. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Academic Personnel Office prior to approval. Exceptional requests should be brought to the attention of Academic Compensation.

Payment Implementation

Honoraria payments for non-university employees should be processed through MyPayments.

Intercampus One-time Payments

The on-line payroll personnel system is available to make payments for UCSD employees. Occasionally units will need to make payroll payments to employees of other UC campuses. If the payments are for a one-time event, such as honoraria for a guest lecturer, or are for short-term appointment of 1 year or less, they should be handled via the following processes. If a long-term arrangement is required please contact Kelly Maheu in the Academic Personnel Office.
The policies for one-time and temporary payments are in APM - 666 and PPM 230-44.  In addition, please see the UC San Diego UC Path Job Aid for How to Manage Multi-Location Appointments.

One-Time Payment

Prepare an Intercampus One-Time Payment Form (Excel or pdf).

Contact the payee’s home department to obtain the required information in the Home Campus Information section of the form such as the candidate’s title, step, salary, etc.

Complete the Host Campus Information portion of the form. When listing the funding source be sure to include the system wide translation for the IFIS FOPAL data since the other campuses do not use IFIS.

Obtain an authorization signature for the fund source and route the form to  the Academic Personnel Office at

The Academic Personnel Office will complete the routing of the form to the candidate’s home campus.

The home campus will include the payment in the person’s regular paycheck.  

Per the Office of the President, one-time payments are limited to $2,500/per event. Exceptions from $2,501 to $5,000 require Chancellors approval. Payments in excess of $5,000 per event are at the authority of the Office of the President. If more information is needed, please contact Jesse Hurtado in the Academic Personnel Office.

Short-Term Appointments

Prepare a Temporary Intercampus or Multi-campus Appointment Form (Excel or pdf).

Contact the appointee’s home department to obtain the required information in the Home Campus Information section of the form such as the candidate’s title, step, salary, etc.

Complete the Host Campus Information portion of the form

Obtain an authorization signature from Department Chair and route the form to the Academic Personnel Office.

The Academic Personnel Office will complete the routing of the form to the candidate’s home campus.

Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements (IPAs)

What is an IPA?

The purpose of an IPA is to allow an individual to remain on our payroll and benefits while providing service to a government agency. The majority of the individuals working with government agencies pay the appointees directly and thus no IPA is necessary.

How is an IPA initiated?

Academic employees and departments will work directly with the funding agency and the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) to draft IPA agreements. The employee and/or department (whoever is communicating directly with the funding agency) is responsible for notifying the funding agency of the following UCSD guidelines:

IPA Guidelines

Pay periods should adhere to the individual’s normal pay basis (e.g. 09/12 or 11/12)

In exceptional circumstances (e.g. the funding agency insists on paying according to the employee’s actual service period), Academic Compensation may authorize the employee’s normal 09/12 pay structure to be temporarily changed to a 09/09 basis.

Standard academic compensation limits apply:

  • IPA pay rate may not exceed the individual’s normal monthly pay rate
  • Up to 3/9ths additional summer compensation may be paid to an academic-year appointee under the IPA (no additional compensation may be paid to a fiscal-year appointee)
  • Salary increases due to merit, promotion, and/or range adjustment should be included in the IPA budget

Review and Approval Process

Prior to final approval, OCGA will forward the IPA agreement to the Director of Academic Compensation for review. Academic Compensation will verify the employee’s compensation, the pay versus service dates of the contract, and any other pertinent information. The Director of Academic Compensation will:

  • Request changes to the agreement, if necessary
  • Notify the cognizant Dean’s Office that the IPA has been processed
  • Obtain the approval signature of the EVCAA

Payroll and Leave Processing Procedures

Professorial appointees will be temporarily switched to the appropriate research title in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) and the IPA fund will be used on the associated pay distribution. A regular staffing distribution must be added to the professorial appointment to hold the FTE if one does not already exist.

Academic employees in research titles will remain on their normal title in PPS and the IPA fund will be used on the associated pay distribution.

IPA agreements should be processed as a leave with pay if the individual will not be available to teach or perform University service (appropriate in cases where the individual is working 100% for the agency). The department must submit a leave request (ALAS form) to the cognizant Dean. The ALAS form must be finalized before the EVCAA will approve the IPA agreement.

Approval Authority

The Executive Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs has authority for IPAs involving academic employees on the general campus and at SIO.

The Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences has authority for IPAs involving academic employees in the Health Sciences.

The Vice Chancellor-Research has authority for IPAs involving Postdoctoral Scholars.

Rev: 11/09

Relocation and Moving Expenses

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you experience problems opening these documents, please obtain the latest version of the reader by clicking here.

Recall to Active Duty


Questions or feedback regarding the academic recall process should be directed to your academic anaylst.

Training Justification and Anticipated Cost (TJAC) Requests

Academics must be appointed with indefinite end dates to be eligible to receive discounts for Extension and General Catalog courses at UCSD. The distinction of having indefinite end dates equates to the staff requirement of having career status for eligibility. Departments may submit exception requests for those academics that do not qualify but wish to participate in the discounts. If TJAC forms are to be submitted, they should be routed through the Academic Compensation & Data Reporting office for approval prior to final submission.

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