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Campus Review Deadlines 2020 - 2021

The following dates reflect campus file deadlines for actions to be effective July 1. In recognition of the continuing impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the remote work environment, Academic Personnel Services will not require formal memos when academic appointees or departments require additional time to submit files for review.  However, we strongly encourage departments and divisions to adhere to the posted deadlines to the furthest extent possible keeping in mind that significantly delayed files are subject to an effective date in the next academic year (July 1, 2022)*. 

Departments and Deans have established earlier due dates to meet campus review file deadlines. You should contact your department or dean’s office for further guidance and to discuss due date extensions.  In some cases, department or divisions may be able to extend their due date and still meet the campus deadline.    

* Divisions should monitor file submission progress and regularly report file status to APS.  Delays of longer than a few weeks beyond campus deadlines must be discussed with APS and may be subject to approval. 

November 2

First Deferral- Dean's Authority

Second Consecutive Deferral-EVC Authority

November 30

Consecutive no-change actions requiring campus review

Actions for non-salaried appointees requiring campus review  

Contested no-change actions


Reappointments/merit actions requiring campus review

Advancements within Above Scale  

January 19

Accelerated merit advancements 

Accelerated advancements within Above Scale

New bonus off-scale salary components proposed by Departments

Contested merit actions

Termination decisions

February 15

Reconsiderations of termination decisions*

February 16

Promotions (career review)

Advancements to/through Step VI (career review)

Advancements to Above Scale (career review)

March 15

New bonus off-scale salary components proposed by Deans/VCs

April 12

Actions that include a Career Equity Review

May 3

Completed review actions for which deans have authority

 *Per PPM 230-220-82.e Reconsideration of a terminal notice must be received in APS no later than      February 15 of the terminal year.

While appointment files have no specific deadline, please be mindful of the following:

UC Intercampus Transfers: offer letters issued after April 1 for an appointment effective the following academic year to candidates who currently hold Senate faculty titles require the candidate’s current UC campus to agree to waive the recruitment deadline (see APM 510).

Association of American Universities (AAU): UCSD is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). UCSD abides by the AAU 1964 Resolution on Faculty Recruitment, which is an understanding between member institutions that offers of academic appointment to faculty will be made prior to April 30 if the appointments are to be effective the following academic year.

 If a department wishes to make an offer of appointment for a prospective candidate who currently holds a tenured or tenure-track appointment at an AAU member institution for the following academic year after the April 30 deadline, UCSD must receive permission from the prospective appointee’s current institution to waive this restriction deadline restriction in order for UCSD to proceed with its offer.

Initial Continuing Status and Continuing Appointments (Unit 18):  Per Article 7b of the MOU between the Lecturers Unit (IX) and UC the excellence review and determination of instructional need shall be conducted in the academic year in which the 18th quarter of service occurs and shall be complete prior to the commencement of the 19th quarter of service.

Probationary Period & Review FilesDepartments and Divisions should be mindful of an Assistant rank appointee's probationary period when preparing a review file and give priority to such files where the candidate's probationary period expires at the end of the review cycle. These files should be submitted well before the established campus deadlines to allow ample time for the review process to conclude.