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What is Interfolio?

Interfolio is an enhanced "faculty-first" higher education technology that offers a digital solution for faculty review, tenure, promotion, and activity reporting.  The system includes a dynamic workflow that supports the full scope of an academic review - from initial file submission and requests for external evaluation letters - through the delivery of a final decision.  Interfolio also provides a powerful faculty activity collection system, Faculty180, that will facilitate the extraction of data from various campus and in some cases, third party databases such as PubMed, in order to create biobibs and CVs.



  • Provides academics with digital tools for activity sharing and analytics
  • Eases the burden of manual preparation of academic review file materials
  • Increased process efficiency and transparency
  • All review and appointment file types from General Campus, SIO, and Health Sciences can be processed


Launch Timeline

Academic Personnel Services will be implementing Interfolio over the course of the next two years. Early adopters used the system to process academic personnel actions during the 2017-18 academic review cycle, and an expanded user group will continue with the implementation during the 2018-19 academic year. Full campus integration is anticipated for the 2019-2020 academic year and beyond.

Departments or individual faculty members interested in participating in the early adoption period can contact Cynthia Palmer at

Campus Announcement

Phased Implementation of Interfolio for Academic Personnel Processes

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Press Release

University of California, San Diego Invests in Platform for Faculty Review, Tenure, and Reporting with Interfolio

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