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Academic Compensation

Academic Compensation develops, implements, and oversees academic compensation policies and procedures. It facilitates approval processes for requests for additional compensation and recall appointments, provides campuswide training on academic compensation, and produces academic personnel data reports for UCSD, the UC Office of the President, and other constituents.

See the resource pages below for compensation related information on this site:

Academic Compensation Reporting Expectations: This page indicates which Cognos Reports to run to detect and prevent compensation errors in UCPath and resolve data inaccuracies in academic appointee employment records. 

Academic Form and Compensation Deadlines: This page provides form links and compensation deadlines for common requests.

Faculty Salary Exchange Program and the Faculty FTE Leverage Programs: This page provides general campus guidelines for the use of these compensation programs. Please see School guidelines for additional restrictions where applicable.

Guidelines for Processing Specific Compensation Actions: This page includes guidelines for processing honoraria, intercampus one-time payments, IPAs, moving expenses, RTAD appointments, and TJAC requests.

Inter-Location One-Time Payments (OTP) and Multi-Location Appointments (MLA): This page provides guidelines for processing One-Time Payment requests (honoraria) and Multi-Location agreements for multi-campus approvals and entry in to UCPath

Salary Programs and Scales: This page houses compensation-related campus notices, DOL overtime rule parameters, GCCP information, and current UC San Diego Academic Salary Scales.

Sources of Additional Compensation: This page details sources of additional compensation, guidelines and policy on faculty consulting for UC projects, information on overload teaching compensation, guidelines for processing faculty recruitment allowances, and details about the faculty administrator program.

UC PATH Training: This page provides information on acquiring required training for transactional users.

Additionally, see drawers below for basic Academic Compensation concepts and links to related tools and resources.

Daily-Rate Calculations

Occasionally, an academic will be paid for only a partial quarter due to mid-quarter separation. This might occur when someone gets sick. In such cases, either the ill employee gets partial quarter pay and/or a temporary lecturer hired to replace them works a partial quarter. Partial quarter pay might also occur due to a leave of absence. An example is when an individual takes six weeks of paid parental bonding leave and the balance of the quarter is taken as a LWOP.

For academic year appointees who normally work a full year, however, the pay and service periods do not match. Such appointees are expected to be in service during the academic year (mid-Sept thru mid-June) but their pay is spread over an entire twelve month period. This is where the term 09/12 came from where the ‘09’ indicates the basis (academic year) of the appointment and the ‘12’ indicates over how many months the pay will be spread. For 09/12 academics, four months at the 1/12th rate is equivalent to a quarter of pay.

For academic year appointees who work only one or two quarters in a given year, the pay and service periods do not match but they differ from the 09/12 schedule to better align the pay and service dates. Such appointees are expected to be in service during the quarters they are appointed but their pay is issued in 1/9th increments each month. This is where the term 09/09 came from. The ‘09’ indicates the basis (academic year) of the appointment and the ‘09’ indicates over how many months the pay is spread if appointed all year. For academics paid on the 09/09 basis, three months at the 1/9th rate is equivalent to a quarter of pay.

For fiscal year appointees, the pay and service periods match. Any reduction in time or leave impacts pay for the same days of the actual drop in service level. No special handling is required for fiscal year appointees.

All partial quarter earnings or deductions for academic year faculty must be calculated using the daily rate calculation found in APM 600, Appendix 2. Implementing the transaction in the payroll system requires an additional calculation based on actual payroll hours in a month and will require involvement of the compensation specialist and Payroll.  In addition, with the exception of FMLA leaves, the employee will have to pay both the employee and University costs of benefits during a leave without pay. For entering daily rate calculation scenarios and converting service period leave dates to 9/12 payroll entry dates, download the Leaves Daily Rate Calculator tool.

Departmental academic personnel staff should ensure the faculty are aware of the 09/12 and 09/09 implications related to partial quarter service. This will help to avoid retroactivity, payback situations, and benefit disruptions. For example, any leave without pay for Fall quarter must be approved and implemented before the July payroll cutoff to avoid problems. Note that this is two months before the individual begins fall quarter service.

Campus Payroll Training

Academic Compensation payroll training dates will be announced on this site's courses page.  This office will offer specialized UCPATH training related to academic personnel entries and transactions.

Previous to taking AP training, UCPath transactors, both Initiators, and Approvers, must complete required training courses and pass competency tests to be provisioned with access to UCPath.