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The Office of Academic Recruitment Services (OARS)


The Office of Academic Recruitment Services (OARS) provides support to University departments in addressing academic diversity and equal employment opportunities associated with faculty recruitment. It develops and is responsible for providing an annual review and update of the UC San Diego Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Program (AAP) in addition to faculty representation reports, and resources to support academic diversity and inclusion.

It is the policy of the University of California to undertake affirmative action, consistent with its obligations as a Federal contractor, for minorities and women, for persons with disabilities and for covered veterans. The University commits itself to apply every good faith effort to achieve prompt and full utilization of minorities and women in all segments of its workforce where deficiencies exist. These efforts conform to all current legal and regulatory requirements and are consistent with University standards of quality and excellence.  

Individuals Interested in applying to academic positions are invited to submit their materials on Recruit


Academic Recruitment Process

The Office of Recruitment Services website has been designed to provide a comprehensive guide to academic recruitment for UCSD. This guide will help departments to:

  • Understand of the legalities and UC policies surrounding recruitments
  • Have a clear division of roles and responsibilities during the course of the recruitment process
  • Manage quick hires of non-senate academic staff
  • Conduct and evaluate the effectiveness of outreach activities
  • Follow step-by-step directions for each report in the recruitment process
  • Provide equal employment opportunity to each qualified applicant
  • Understand and use the applicant tracking system, Recruit

No matter what role you may have in the recruitment process, you will be required to:

  • Read through the laws and regulations regarding recruitments
  • Read through the roles and responsibilities page and follow up any additional required training for the role designated
  • Read through the recruitment process from start to finish
  • Contact OARS for questions only after reading through the recruitment process

UC San Diego Academic Affirmative Action Program

The AAP contains the annual update of the Academic Affirmative Action Program for women, people of color, covered veterans, and people with disabilities, in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations. 

OARS ensures that faculty search committees comply with federal, state, and local affirmative action and equal opportunity laws.

About H1-B Notices of Intent

Notices of Intent to Hire H1-B Employees can be found on the International Faculty and Scholars Office Website.

Latest Updates

Effective January 1, 2023, California Senate Bill 1162 requires employers to disclose pay scales on all job postings and to current employees upon request.

The requirements include the following:

  • Pay scales must be included in all job postings and information must be provided to all third parties who are engaged to assist with job postings
  • A pay scale must also be provided for a current employee's position at the employee's request.
  • Employers must maintain records of job titles and wage rate histories for the duration of an employee’s employment and three years after termination of employment.

For the most up to date information on how to ensure pay transparency, please see the instructions for Analysts on the Home Page of AP Recruit: 

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