What information is available in the Action List?

The following information is available in the Action List:

  • App: The app where the assigned action comes from.
  • Document Number: Each document in an app is assigned a unique, system-generated number. This number allows you to differentiate between documents in the same app. 
  • Submitted By: The name of the person that submitted this document.
  • Workflow Step: The name of the workflow step where this action originated from. The app administrator gives the workflow step a name.
  • Created On: The date the request is sent to you. For example, the document may have been submitted on Oct. 28th, but because you are assigned as the 3rd person to approve the document, it may not make its way to you for a few days. Once the 2nd approver has approved the document, your approval step will be initiated on the "Created On" date.
  • Action Requested: Lists the type of action that you will take (Approval, Acknowledge, etc.).
    • Note: A form with the Action Requested of "Form Fill" indicates a document that you have submitted but that has been sent back to you for revisions.