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POP Direct Services

The UC, San Diego Partner Opportunities Program (POP) provides assistance and support in the employment search for spouses or partners of General Campus ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, and of those in senior management positions who hold academic appointments.

Eligibility for POP Direct Services

Eligibility: General Campus ladder-rank faculty candidates and appointees, senior management positions who hold academic appointments. 

Services for Partner Opportunities Program Clients

The Partner Opportunities Program provides customized services to best serve each client. POP provides guidance to those conducting their own job searches by assessing their needs, arranging job contacts and informational interviews, and serving as a central resource for information regarding employment opportunities. The following services are offered to spouses and partners referred to the program by the department contact:

  • Needs assessment
  • Guidance in career search techniques
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Networking assistance in local business, government and education communities
  • Opportunities for informational interviews with UCSD employees and Recruiters for UCSD staff positions.
  • Company/industry research
  • Interview preparation and salary negotiation assistance
  • In depth relocation resources related to housing and community information in San Diego
  • New clients can view a summary of POP services by completing the Service Needs Assessment Form (a client-intake checklist).

Department Chair Referral to the Partner Opportunities Program

In order to participate, dual career partner/spouses must be referred to the Partner Opportunities Program by the department in which their spouse or partner is a candidate or appointee.

Department chairs can refer the partner of a current or prospective ladder-rank faculty member and request and authorize POP services by completing the electronic Request for Services Form . 

Dual Career Consultation to Hiring Academic Departments

POP provides full programmatic support and consultation for academic dual career recruitments.  Communication about the program is provided to department chairs via email notifications during academic recruitments, on campus via the web page and department meetings (AP Briefings, etc.), to job applicants through job announcements and the AP Online Recruit application, and to local industry through direct outreach and partnerships.  POP also provides customized resources and tools to facilitate academic spouse/partner hires and spousal waivers (see Dual-Career Academic Partner Hiring).