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Identify Outreach Efforts

A goal as a Federal Contractor is to develop the largest, most qualified, and most diverse applicant pool possible by announcing the job opportunity through national publications and specialized groups. Departments outreach efforts must be robust as to attract a diverse and broad applicant pool. 

Strategize Department Outreach

Below are resources to help the department implement the outreach and advertising plan. Departments should aim for a comprehensive and varied approach, especially for disciplines that are difficult to fill.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach and search efforts. Passing on this evaluation to future search committees will help them do a better job.


As of July 1, 2023, Analyst will no longer need to copy and paste any outreach items sponsored by OARS. As always, outreach is always incumbent on the departments.



Additional Resources

There are various outreach resources that are available for departments to use. OARS recommends that the department use a variety of outreach activities to get the most  outreach. Some of the resources available to use are: 

  • HERC: As a member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, UC San Diego is able to provide numerous benefits to departments in their efforts to recruit high-caliber, diverse faculty. Some of their benefits departments can use for recruitment outreach are: 

Reminder:  All departmental efforts need to be documented and uploaded into Recruit.

For more information on outreach, please contact us at or sign up for our departmental newsletter here.