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Meet Our Staff

See below for AP contacts by areas of specialization and roles.

  • Jesse Hurtado

    Jesse Hurtado

    Recruitment Analyst, Academic Recruitment Services

    Jesse Hurtado is responsible for reviewing academic recruitments and ensuring their compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, and campus policies. He provides training to the UCSD community in the use AP On-Line Recruit and the recruitment process, helps develop the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plan, and provides reports to campus leaders on recruitment activity. He may be contacted at or (858) 534-4497



  • Sarah Clark

    Sarah Clark

    EEO Specialist, Academic Recruitment

    Sarah Clark is responsible for reviewing academic recruitments for compliance and affirmative action, provides training to the UCSD community in the use AP On-Line Recruit and EEO compliance, helps develop the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plan, and  provides data reports to the Director of Academic Recruitment Services and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity. She may be contacted at or (858) 246-0490.

  • Lynn Field-Karsh

    Lynn Field-Karsh

    Director, Academic Process Development & Training

    Lynn Field-Karsh serves as senior advisor to the Assistant and Associate Vice Chancellors for Academic Personnel on academic employment matters.  She also provides advice and counsel to campus academic administrators, faculty, and department staff.  Lynn provides leadership in the administration of University policies and procedures.  She develops and oversees training programs and HR information systems for campus clientele.  Lynn is designated as the campus Non-Senate Grievance Liaison and also serves as a liaison between Academic Affairs and other UC campuses and the UC Office of the President.  She can be reached at or (858) 822-4032.

  • Kelly Lindlar

    Kelly Lindlar

    Director of Academic Employee & Labor Relations,

    Kelly Lindlar provides proactive problem solving for departments and divisions in situations involving issues of faculty conduct, faculty performance, and faculty complaints about discrimination or unfair treatment. She serves campus administrators seeking resolution for academic personnel performance, attendance, and behavioral issues. Academic Employee Relations is the office of record for academic employee cases, even if a case is ultimately referred to another office for investigation and management. Deans, chairs, provosts, and other administrators can contact her at or (858) 822-4564.

  • Gabriel Lopez

    Gabriel Lopez

    Senior Academic Personnel Analyst

    Gabe Lopez is the assigned Academic Personnel Sr. Analyst for the Social Sciences, the Biological Sciences, and several areas in the Health Sciences School of Medicine.  He is responsible for assisting with and reviewing actions related to the appointment, advancement, and promotion of academic personnel. He may be contacted at or (858) 534-3654.

  • Kelly Maheu

    Kelly Maheu

    Senior Director of Data and Compensation Initiatives

    As Senior Director of Data and Compensation Initiatives, Kelly Maheu provides leadership on the development and implementation of compensation policy, programs, and data initiatives for academics at UCSD. She serves as a liaison for Office of the President and other UC campuses on system-wide academic compensation and data reporting matters. She is the HR/AP lead for the UCPath project which will be her primary focus through 2019. She may be contacted at or (858) 822-3509.

  • Cynthia (Cindy) Palmer

    Cynthia (Cindy) Palmer

    Assistant Vice Chancellor – Academic Personnel

    As the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel (Asst VC-AP), Cindy Palmer manages the operations of Academic Personnel Services units, setting direction and establishing priorities for Academic Advancement & Compensation, Office of Academic Recruitments, Academic Employee Relations, Academic Policy Development, and Academic Data & Compensation Initiatives. She develops strategies to manage academic personnel issues, programs, policies and/or procedures that are responsive to needs of the campus within the context of institutional goals and objectives. The Asst. VC-AP serves as the chief advisor to the Chancellor, EVC and AVC-AP on academic personnel issues and as a primary consultant for academic vice chancellors, deans, department chairs and other academic leadership across the UCSD campus. She may be contacted at or (858) 534-3133.

  • Jennifer Park

    Jennifer Park

    Director, Faculty Recruitment and Retention Programs

    Jennifer Park is the Director of the Partner Opportunities Program (POP), Regional Director of the Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (SoCal HERC), administers the Faculty Career Development Program, and supports faculty recruitment compliance,diversity outreach and training. She may be contacted at or (858) 822-5862.

  • Julia Partridge

    Julia Partridge

    Director, Academic Advancement and Compensation

    Julia Partridge manages the Academic Advancement and Compensation unit in Academic Personnel services, and manages the campus personnel functions for academic employees, including salary administration, advancement, and retention. She also  provides leadership, analysis, and recommendations to leadership and various campus constituents on employment and academic review issues related to academic employees. She provides formal presentations and classes on a variety of academic personnel subjects. She may be contacted at or 858-822-3234.

  • Heather Pratt

    Heather Pratt

    Academic Personnel Analyst

    Heather Pratt oversees academic files for the Colleges, The Learning Commons, the Library, and the Extension program. She provides analysis and recommendations on proposed actions related to Non-Senate Faculty or Unit 18 appointees. She supports the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator Review Panel (AARP) and the Project Scientist and Specialist Review Panel (PSSRP).   She may be contacted at or (858) 534-3651.

  • Carla Solomon

    Carla Solomon

    Director, Office of Academic Recruitment Services. 

    Carla Solomon assists faculty search committees in using best-practice strategies to develop large, well-qualified, diverse applicant pools for faculty recruitments, and helps to clarify the University’s responsibilities for compliance with federal and state regulations.  She also develops the Academic Personnel Affirmative Action Plan and provides data reports for federal contractor complianceShe works in close collaboration with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity. She may be contacted at or (858) 534-3623.

  • Malaika Tiofil

    Malaika Tiofil

    Administrative Analyst

    Malaika Tiofil provides administrative support to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel and is responsible for a wide variety of projects and communications related to academic personnel. She is responsible for the management of the five-year review process for academic deans, provosts, and other academic administrators who report to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. She manages sensitive and confidential projects, provides staff support to committees and task forces appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor. Malaika may be contacted at or (858) 534-7699.

  • Doug Spence

    Doug Spence

    Senior Academic Personnel Analyst

    Doug Spence oversees files for the Physical Sciences, SIO, and the Health Sciences School of Medicine (Pharmacology and Psychiatry).  He may be contacted at or (858) 534-1152.

  • Peter Tagilaferri

    Peter Tagilaferri

    Academic Personnel Services Assistant

    Peter Tagliaferri provides a wide variety of administrative support, office coordination, and front office management to the Academic Personnel Services Office.  This includes oversight of office infrastructure, mail distribution, operation and maintenance of all equipment and supply inventory. He provides back-up clerical support in APS including calendaring, assists with special projects of a highly confidential and sensitive nature, and facilitates all events that APS is responsible for, including workshops, quarterly briefings, and orientations. He is also responsible for the hiring and supervision of student employees for the office. He may be contacted at or (858) 534-3476.

  • Heather Fowler Zion

    Heather Fowler Zion

    Academic Family Programs Liaison

    Heather Fowler Zion is the campus subject matter expert on family accommodation policies and a liaison for work/life family-friendly programs for academic appointees. She coordinates the Dependent Care Travel Grant for Senate Faculty and collaborates with offices across campus to cross promote current work/life and family-friendly program offerings. As well as handling web management and publishing for several APS areas, she also expands and updates the Department Chair's Toolkit resource. She may be contacted at or (858)534-0500.

  • Daniel Zummo

    Daniel Zummo

    Director, Academic Employee Relations, Health Sciences

    Daniel Zummo is a resource for Health Sciences leadership in the area of academic employee conduct, employment, and policy.  He analyzes the nature and substance of academic employment issues such as grievances, complaints and disputes, taking into consideration relevant laws and University policies, and provides advice appropriate to each case.  He may be contacted at or (858) 822-2041.