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Academic Appointee Conduct & Discipline Administration

UC San Diego is committed to processes for investigating and adjudicating alleged misconduct by academic appointees that are fair, timely, and transparent.  This page provides links to policies, procedures, and frameworks that guide UC San Diego regarding enforcement of the University of California's Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 015 - Faculty Code of Conduct and Section 016 - University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline. 

General Misconduct - Senate Faculty


General Misconduct - Non-Senate Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic Appointees (Non-Represented)

  • The Faculty Code of Conduct (APM 015) (Faculty only)
  • Non-Senate Academic Appointees - Corrective Action and Dismissal (APM 150)


Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment 

 UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment 


Additional Information Relevant to Misconduct

Represented Academic Appointees