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Academic Review & Appointment Life-Cycle

Periodic review of academic accomplishments is required by University policy (APM - 210220, and 160) for all academic appointees. The academic review process is conducted to ensure the continuing quality of faculty and academics who are eligible for reappointment, merit advancement, or promotion based on their applicable academic series criteria.  

During an academic review, a file containing materials submitted by the academic appointee, their department, and their school is prepared and submitted for committee review and issuance of an outcome by an applicable final authority. 

This page is aimed at providing faculty and academics with an improved understanding of UC San Diego's academic review process while promoting procedural transparency.

Delegation of Authority

UC San Diego's academic review process functions under the concept of "delegated authority".  

Defined as the process of transferring responsibility for a task from one individual to another , delegated authority for the academic review process is normally divided between a school's Dean, the Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs, Executive Vice Chancellor, and Chancellor. 

For a detailed understanding of UC San Diego's delegations of authority for the academic review process, we encourage faculty and academics familiarize themselves with UC San Diego's Authority & Review Chart and Delegation of Authority webpage.

Academic Review Flowcharts

Based on the applicable delegated authority, academic review files can undergo one of several possible procedural workflows.  Please review the charts listed below for a visual representation of an academic review file's movement through the review process. 

2023-2024 File Deadlines by School

UC San Diego's academic review process works at its most efficient level when materials, recommendations, and files are submitted in consideration of applicable campus review deadlines.  Below is a listing of deadlines established at each school for the submission of academic review files and materials by a department to the school's dean's office for review.   

Colleges Quartet (HDSI, QI, SDSC, Design Lab)
Jacobs School of Engineering School of Biological Sciences
Rady School of Management School of Global Policy & Strategy
Schools of Arts & Humanities Scripps Institution of Oceanography
School of Social Sciences School of Physical Sciences
VC Research (ORU's) VC Health Sciences

 Please contact your departmental academic personnel services representative if you have questions about your school's submission deadlines.

Please note, school deadlines are established in consideration of campus and committee review deadlines as linked below:

2022-2023 Academic Review File Statistics

Click the below linked file containing academic review life-cycle statistics for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Please note, the provided statistics are specific to files submitted for Sr. AVC, EVC, or Chancellor review. 

Additionally, the provided statistics are not inclusive of carry-forward files from the 2021-2022 academic year, appointments, series changes, retention and pre-emptive retentions, and UC-AFT Non-Senate Faculty Files.