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Guidelines for Implementation of APM 025 and APM 671: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members

Relevant Policies:

Guidelines and Current Processing:

UC San Diego has now joined a systemwide initiative for a greener, electronic system called University of California Outside Activities Tracking System (UC OATS) for tracking outside professional activities all year round. 

Outside activity disclosures for Category I and Category II are now processed in the system, as well as  student involvement forms, and time (025, 671) and compensation thresholds (671). 

The UC OATS system works based on related APMs.  

See a new brief infographic for an at a glance view of conflict of commitment policy categories, faculty expectations, and campus deadlines, or log in below to test-drive the system and enter outside professional activities, annual disclosures, Category I prior approval requests, and student involvement forms: