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Waivers of Open Recruitment for Academic Appointments

As an employer and federal contractor, UC San Diego is required to provide equal employment opportunity and to identify and address underutilization of protected classes, including women, underrepresented minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans in our academic job groups. Conducting full and open searches for academic employment positions supports the University of California in fulfilling these requirements under federal and state laws.

In rare circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis, the requirement of conducting an open search prior to review for appointment may be waived. These waivers should be made for the minimum duration of time required; they cannot be extended nor repeated unless specifically noted in the Guidelines for Waivers of Open Recruitment for Academic Appointees at the University of California. Waivers should be submitted for approval prior to initiating the appointment process. 

Accessing the Waivers Workflow

The Waiver of Recruitment process and workflow is on AP-Online Recruit (Recruit)To gain access to  Recruit, please complete the system training on the UC Learning Center. All links below are SSO Protected.

Completing the Waiver Information

The following items will need to be entered into the Waivers System prior to submitting for approval. Consult the Guidelines for Waivers of Open Recruitment.

  • Position working title
  • Duties associated with this position
  • Candidate Information
    • Name
    • CV
    • Email
    • Qualifications
      • This should relate to the education and training necessary for the position and discuss how the candidate meets them
  • Appointment Information
    • Title, Rank, Percentage
  • Waiver Type
    • Senate
    • Non-Senate
  • Waiver Category
    • Select from the list of situations that may warrant a Waiver request
  • Justification Narrative
    • Provide an explanation detailing the reasons why it is not possible to conduct an open search for the position
  • Contributions to Diversity Statement

Waivers submitted on Recruit will be routed for approval to the Department Chair, OARS, the Dean's Analyst, and finally the Dean. Waivers for Senate titles will also be approved by the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Once a Waiver has been approved, the hiring department can proceed with preparing an appointment file. Upon hiring of the candidate the department analyst must enter the hiring outcome and conclude the waiver in the same fashion as an open recruitment. 

Click the following link for an instructional video on using the Waivers system:

Institutional Reference Check

Institutional Reference Check for Waivers

  •  UC San Diego requires all candidates for academic appointments with tenure or security of employment to complete, sign, and upload the form entitled “Institutional Reference Check Authorization to Release".  This document must be signed and uploaded into the Documentation tab. 
Follow step by step instructions on how to conduct an Open Recruitment and utilize our AP Recruit Training Page. For further help please email with "Recruitment Help" in the subject line.